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Each file must not exceed 1 Mb
File format: .jpg

If the photograph exceeds 1Mb (you can check it by clicking with the right mouse button on the file and selecting “Properties”), you can download for free the IrfanView software at this address: Once you made the download, the use of the software is very simple:

1) File / Open menu-> open the photograph
2) Image / Resize/Resample menu..
3) At the bottom of the screen, on the left, there is a “DPI” box
4) Type in 72
5) File / Save as.. menu
6) “Save as” appears at the bottom, open the menu, select “JPG – JPG/JPEG Format”
7) click on “Save” (ignoring the other settings)
8) if the photograph still exceeds 1 Mb, repeat points 5) and 6); and on the left you will see another small screen; at the top there is a bar: “Save quality:” from “low” to “high”: decrease this value (e.g. to 50) and save. You can repeat this operation until you reach a file size below 1Mb.

Max file size: 3 MB
Allowed format: .txt .rtf .doc

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